Two puppy quilts by me.

 Wouldn't you think that as a quilter, I'd be better at counting blocks?  Seemingly the answer there is "No."  I had made Randall's quilt, but then found these leftover blocks.  In addition, I'd recently heard that the Portland Police had to lose one of their K-9 officers. 
I made this one first, with the plan to give it to the police.  Loved the puppies on newsprint fabric for the background.

Then I found 5 more blocks from Randall's quilt!  Good grief.  I can't believe that the 9 blocks in these 2 quilts are the same, as is the background fabric, because they ended up looking so different.  I think that I quilted them both with the "Flopsy" panto, and then gave them to the K-9 unit.

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