Native American (#1) by Leigh

Gotta love this.  When Leigh dropped this quilt off she says "I don't really like it.  I'm making another one."  When I pulled this out for her to see today she says "I love it!"  Amazing what a difference quilting can do.  I should have asked her to name all of the animals, but I'll see what I can try to figure out.  Feel free to tell me how wrong I am.  As with all of her quilts, all hand appliqued wool.  Amazing.
 Haven't a clue.
 I am guessing a Thunderbird?
 Must be a whale.
 No way.

 Huh uh.
 Uh oh
 I'll do better on the next quilt!
So basically I can potentially name 2 of the animals in the quilt.  Leigh, you'd better jump in and tell us what we're looking at!

I asked Leigh if she could let us know the animals, and here is her response.
 "You are sooo funny!!  Hey, I went through the pictures and came up with the following animals: top left is a Robin, then the head of a serpent, then a wolf,.... Can't remember the next row but the other animals were a grizzly, two eagle heads, Thunderbird, whale, and that is what I remember.  You're right, the next quilt the animals are easier to identify!!"

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