"Hydrangea" mystery by me.

 I'm very sorry to say that I don't recall the name of the Barbara Graham mystery that this quilt came from.  I've called in the "Hydrangea" mystery because that's the name of the pantograph that I used on the quilt. 
I have no idea who gave me the floral fabric in the borders and blocks, but there was a lot of it.  I thought it would be easy to find fabrics to go with it, but I was mistaken.  Pink, blue, and a deep purple (that reads as black in the photos)  I thought that I would have enough of the floral fabric to use for the backing, but no such luck.  So, now I've got a good chunk left over to put into another quilt.  Maybe I'll find the right green to go into the next one.

I'll have to go "police stalking" on Friday and hopefully find someone to give this too.

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