Pat's latest quilts

Little Miss Abigail Rose is due to  arrive in February 2021, so of course she needs a quilt from Aunt Pat.  Although Pat had initially asked for something more than and edge to edge design, I hope that this quilt will be used for things like playhouses and tents and furniture forts, so let's go for less expensive on this one.  She can have a big girl quilt later on.

This stunning I Spy quilt is for her big brother.
I love how Pat found lots of different prints to put into the "jars" for him to find. 
Then I got to play.  Let's put some animals in the quilting, so he can find those as well!  Each row is different in the quilting designs.  This is "Safari" from Meadowlyon designs
Above is the face of the lion
Here's an antelope (or maybe it's a gazelle)  There are a couple of giraffe's a hippopotamus, and an elephant at least.  Can't wait to show it to Pat!


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