"Broken Nose" by me

This quilt is named because of the
text I received from my brother one afternoon . "Mom broke her nose.  We're in the hosp. now."  Not a text anyone wants to receive.  Mom is fine by the way.  No broken teeth, no broken glasses, just a broken nose and some "Beautiful!" bruising.  Imagine a panda bear but with red around his eyes.  That was the first few days.
Because of her age, medications and other things, she couldn't be left alone right after her discharge.  My turn to spend the night on a Friday, so I packed up a box of fabrics, all my needed tools and headed to her house with a plan to cut out a quilt top.  When I got there, I had left the pattern at home.  (Argh!) Raided mom's bookshelf, and found the pattern above.  Got all of the spools pieced that afternoon, and then a few other days to get the borders on.  Now quilted with Sunny Sunflower panto, and ready to give to a police officer.


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