"Scrappy Irish Chain by Sara"

I really have to remember to call this quilt just an "Irish Chain", not the "honking huge Irish Chain that keeps popping up in my head.  This quilt is 102"x102".  The top of a king mattress measures 76"80", so lots of drop on the sides of this quilt.
I so love scrappy quilts.  It's like going down memory lane when you see the fabrics from previous projects.  There are a lot of scraps in this quilt, and some that I have in common with Sara. 
But there is still a calming effect to the design because she chose the same orange, green and brown fabric for the last 3 squares before the center cream.
All of these squares finish at 1.25", so they were cut at 1.75".  And yet, every so often, that one piece of fabric wasn't quite large enough, so she pieced two small pieces together to make what she needed.  See above with the mauve on the left, and the black and white print in the middle.
Here's a couple of shots of the solid beige backing fabric.  Each square was quilted with continuous curves, making a grid pattern through the scrappy blocks.  Then a large feathered wreath in the center medallions

I guessed wrong the number of bobbins needed for this quilt.  I think I told Sara about 16, which had been the previous record for most bobbins used in a quilt.  This one took 28. 

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