Baby quilt for Auden by Nathan

Nathan contacted me about quilting this quilt for his best friend's new baby, Auden.  A bit of a rush because he needed the quilt finished and back to him in a week.  Thankfully, when he called, my machine was between quilts, and this was small, so I squeezed it in.  I believe that this is Nathan's first quilt, but I don't think that it will be his last.  To go with the red "A", Nathan chose red "So Fine!" thread, and stars and loops.  He then asked me to bind it with satin blanket binding.  Not something I had worked with before, but I'm always up for a challenge. Nathan says that he remembers a quilt from his own childhood with this soft satin binding, and that's what he wanted for Auden.  I love the pop of red color around the outside of the quilt. 
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