"Christmas Favorites" by Judee

I LOVE Christmas!  Warm and snuggly quilts, warm fires, cookies and hot cocoa!

Judee made this quilt for her grandkids, and it's such a great kid quilt.  The pattern is from "Art to Heart", but she has modified it slightly.  Still lots of applique, and pieced blocks.  Judee chose to use wool batting so it's got a great loft, and I quilted it with a pretty tight all over quilting design.  I left some things empty, most of the lettering, and parts of Santa.  This way they've are more dimensional from the rest of the quilt.  There's an unwritten "rule" as well that you don't quilt over applique.  Sometimes though, you have to do some quilting on the applique to keep the batting from shifting as the quilt is used.  That's why Santa has a curly beard, and some more swirls in his coat. A few strategic designs in the candy cane and the ornaments.  Wish I could be there when the kiddos see this one for the first time.

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