Nautical Quilt by Amber

Amber purchased at least 2 jelly rolls of fabric, probably more like 3, to make this quilt for her brother.  The theme of the fabrics is "Nautical", Sailing ships, sea birds, ocean animals etc.  She chose to have it quilted with an edge to edge design of waves, all done free hand.  Turned out very pretty, but wonderfully masculine for her brother.

In fabric terms, a "Jelly Roll" is a collection of fabrics, all cut at 2.5" wide by 45" long.  Then they are all rolled up and tied with a pretty boy and resemble a jelly roll from a bakery before they are taken apart.  So fun to look at in my closet.  I have at least 2 of them right now, but if I use them, I won't have them to pet and look at anymore!  I wonder how many years before I do something with them?

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