Modern leftovers by me

Oh horrors.  Have I made a "modern quilt"?  This quilt was going to be a Bonnie Hunter "Celtic Solstice" mystery quilt.  I was faithfully cutting out my fabrics, and managed to keep up with most of the sewing for a good chunk of the time.  By the time the reveal of the final quilt was completed, I was through with this project and really didn't want to bother with making a honking huge green and orange quilt.  "But I've already cut up so much fabric and pieced so much of it!  Now what?"  Hmm.  If I take these bits and lay them out this way, then add white background to make the narrow strips bigger, then alternate them...  Hey that worked!  Poof!  It's a charity quilt!  Long and skinny, but it will keep someone warm.  Extra warm as I used leftover wool batting.

Quilted with a pantograph who's name escapes me at the moment, but I think it really works on the quilt.  By the way, this is only a small portion of the pieces from this mystery quilt.  There will be more charity quilts coming from it in the future.  First, a few other projects needs to be taken care of though.

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