Double Wedding Ring by Pat

 Oh my!  I dream of "someday" piecing a DWR (double wedding ring) quilt, but I haven't yet.  I so admire people who take on these amazing challenges.  Pat told me that this quilt is for "a non-traditional couple, but they want a traditional quilt."  We chose traditional quilting designs for this pattern with lots of feathers and stitching in the ditch.  I love that this quilt is even included in the pre-nup agreement.  If the relationship ends in under 5 years, the quilt reverts to Pat.  Great idea!  After all the work that she put into this, I can't believe that she's giving it away.

 Each block has been SID around all the seams, then I added feather quilting in just the cream triangle shapes.  This allows the rest of the parts of the block to pop up.  The quilt will live in Wisconsin, so a chilly climate.  Pat chose wool batting, and the higher loft of the batt really allows the quilting to show. 
When Pat and I met for her to drop off her quilt, we talked about quilting designs so that she would know what her quilt was going to look like when I was finished.  I found myself quilting along, sticking to the described plan, but then thinking "It needs something else here."  So I'd add a little bit.  "Oh!  I like that."  Quilt some more in a different section and realize that it needed more quilting in that area too.  I must admit, that I had one vision, and started to quilt it that way, but it was quickly removed.  It just didn't work.  I'm very pleased with how this turned out, and I surely hope that Pat loves it too.
 I call this block, above, a "ghost block"  Pat left several open spaces on the border of the quilt that are the same size as the pieced blocks.  I quilted these the same as the pieced blocks, but they only show the texture of the quilting since there is no piecing.  Way fun!  Except for marking where the quilting would go.  I don't like to mark quilts because then I have to get those marks out.  Sometimes though, you just have to bite the bullet and mark up someone else's handwork.  Gives me the shivers.

 These two blocks above show the traditional quilting design for this pattern.  They are frequently quilted with feathers in the center squares and the "football" shapes.  I also cross hatched the background to emphasize the angular designs in the pieced blocks.

 Here's the back of the quilt.  The fabric is actually a pretty deep burgundy, but the camera read it as red and then orange.  I was trying to show the lovely quilting though.

This shows the "ghost quilting" along the border.

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