Terri's Layer Cake

More quilting terms.  A "Layer Cake" is a package of 10" squares of fabric, pre-cut and usually from a fabric line so that they all coordinate.  I believe that Terri said she won these, and how come I didn't get in on that contest?  Kind of a 1930's theme, but updated at the same time.  It's amazing to me what you can do with a 1/2 square triangle.  Take a square of fabric, cut it in 1/2 on the diagonal to make a triangle.  Sew it with another triangle to make a square again, but with two different fabrics.  Lay them out in various patterns until you are pleased with the results.  Terri also used 4-patch units in the corners of the square.  Quilted with the Swirls board and So Fine! thread.

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